I Would­n’t Treat A Dog (The Way You Treated Me)

Hmm, oh Lord, well listen

When I was up
You would always come round
But when I needed a friend
Oh, you could nev­er be found

I got a hole
Where my heart used to be
I would­n’t treat a dog, no, no
The way you treated me
The way you treated me

When time was good, oh Lord
All your lov­ing was the same
But when the going got rough
You hardly knew my name

You locked me up
And you threw away the key
I would­n’t treat a dog, oh Lord
The way you treated me

Got me cry­ing for
A love that I needed
Beg­ging like a dog for a bone

Although I spent all
My time pleading
You turned your back
And you leave

One of these old days
Lord knows, oh yeah it’s true
Just when you need me the most
I’ll walk right out on you

And you’ll say as you’re
Beg­ging down on your bended knees
I would­n’t treat a dog
No, no, the way you treated me
The way you treated me

Oh no no
I wouldn’t do it to you baby