Your indul­gence of your free­dom ignores me
Your free­dom to express your con­fu­sion shames all of us
As if being a lady will make it easier
By being a lady it will make love life clearer

I hope that you get what you think you want some day baby
And I pray that you get the approv­al you’re craving
This beau­ti­ful lady can over­take all of us
Funny this kind of lady seems to make our lives clearer

I could turn on a leaf and let you burn
Beg you for relief when it’s my turn
Help me to help you help me learn
Ah lady! You make life breathe easier
But don’t blame me if your life sheds a tear

The fever­ish time we spend alone it soothes me
But too many days spent apart alone they just con­fuse me
Part of being a lady you love it when I miss you more
And without pon­ti­fic­at­ing its you I’m adorin’


Ah Lady! Oh Lady!
Crazy! Ooh Lady!
Ah baby! Ooh you make me crazy!


Words: Huck­nall Music: Hucknall/Holland
Pub­lished by EMI Songs Ltd/ Bug Music Ltd
Pro­duced by Mick Hucknall
Recor­ded at Home by Michael Zim­mer­ling and Andy Scade

Oth­er Info

This track is on the Stay album (2007)