Perfect Love (2005)

Your perfect love
Your perfect love

Oh boy, what a fight
We fought and the thing is
We were both right
Ok I’m crazy but maybe

Quiero Tenerte
Quisiera Odiarte
Quiero besante
Quiero Olvidarte

Both of us, what a sight
In the morning screaming
Believing it could be so right
‘Cause you know that your mine baby, yes you are

Still you’re in my dreams
Not constantly
Not constantly

Your perfect love
Your perfect love
Your perfect love
Your perfect love

Through the day and the night
Dreaming of you baby
Here with a love that feels so right
I know its hazy but maybe

Yo Quiero Amarte
Quiero Olvidarte
Debi Sacarte
Pero no puedo

But believe me enough
To be eternally

Your perfect love

Yo Quiero amarte
Yo Quiero Verte
Debi Sacarte
Quiero Olvidarte

Single Release Information
Released: October 2005
1. Perfect Love (Radio Mix) 3.13
2. Perfect Love (Roger’s Dirty Sanchez Mix-Edit) 6.43
1. Perfect Love (Live) 3.38
2. It’s Only Love (Live) 4.37
3. Fairground (Live) 5.55
4. Perfect Love (promo video)


Words and music by Hucknall
Published by EMI Songs Ltd
Produced by Andy Wright, Mark Jaimes and Danny Saxon.
Additional production by Hucknall
Mixed by Johnny Wow
Recorded at Metropolis Studios by Gavin Goldberg and Dave Bloor, and at Home by Andy Scade and Michael Zimmerling

Other Info

This track was a single in October 2005 and is on the Simplified album (2005)

Perfect Love features a sample of Salsa Gitana by Orquesta Gitano under license from Little Gypsy Productions, Akme Music and Edwin Morales