Men And Women

Release Inform­a­tion
Released: March 1987

CD — WEA 242071
Cas­sette — WEA WX85C
Vinyl — WEA WX85

Released: Octo­ber 2008
Spe­cial Edi­tion — 2564–69358‑8

Ori­gin­al Credits

Mick Huck­nall — Vocals
Chris Joyce — Drums & Percussion
Tony Bowers — Bass & Percussion
Tim Kel­lett — Key­boards, Trum­pet, Flu­gel­horn & Percussion
Fritz McIntyre — Key­boards & Vocals
Sylvan — Guitars
Janette Sewell — Vocals
Ian Kirkham — Ten­or & Bari­tone Sax

Pro­duced by Alex Sadkin
Engin­eered by Barry Mrazmbdtk​.com merger
Assist­ant Engin­eer Chris Dickie
Mixed by Alex Sadkin with Barry Mraz, Chris Dick­ie, Nick Launay and Joe Barbaria

Except Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye
Pro­duced by Yvonne Ellis and Mick Hucknall
Engin­eered by Yvonne Ellis

Mas­ter­ing Engin­eer Ted Jensen at Ster­ling Sound, New York

Derek Wadsworth — Trom­bone on Love Fire
Elean­or Mor­ris — Cello on Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye
Steve Rain­ford — Key­board programming

Robert Erd­mann — Photography
Paul Smith — Clothes
World­wide — So What Arts Ltd
USA — In asso­ci­ation with Bur­ton Management
All tracks used by kind per­mis­sion of the publishers.