The Spir­it Of Life

Are you the best? Or the equal of every man on this earth?
I intro­spect. I can have any­thing that I could want
Yet I need for noth­ing… Oh nothing

Cos the spir­it of life is with­in you
Breath­ing with ease through the whole of you
And deep­er inside is with­in you, search­ing until we find a way
To jump out now, jump­ing around now
Cause soon­er or later we’ll be gone

What will be left is the bene­fit of all we’ve learnt before,
And what’s the test? It’s the dig­nity of every man.
You will need for noth­ing, oh nothing
You will need for noth­ing, oh nothing


Words and music Mick Hucknall
EMI Music Pub­lish­ing Lim­ited /So What Limited

Oth­er Info

This track is on the Love And The Rus­si­an Winter album (1999)