More Than A Dream

For those who are in love
I’m with you babies
How can it be that we feel this way?
For those who are a bluff
I fear you ladies, how can you treat little me this way?

It’s a drug that brings you pleas­ure and pain
It’s a love that leaves you cry­ing in the rain

Yeah I’m your lov­er, Oh I’m your lover
A ring-a-ling, Ting-a-ling lover
A sing-a-ling, Ting-a-ling lover

How can it be when you’re with me baby
You feel the same way as me?
I hope you’re not a bluff, ‘cos I need you baby
Do you feel the same way as me?

There’s an invis­ible con­tact between us
A hope and a dream that the words the poets
Have been writ­ing are real

More than a dream
More than just a sex machine
But a lover…


Words and music Mick Hucknall
EMI Music Pub­lish­ing Lim­ited /So What Limited

Oth­er Info

This track is on the Love And The Rus­si­an Winter album (1999)