Close To You

This land is real, real as the next man
This land is there for all to see
You’re stand­ing there so cold and calm
You stand so close to me

And you out there can keep away
There’s noth­ing owed to you
All I want’s to lose myself and stay so close to you

The river is cruel its pipes are sprayed with long for­got­ten names
Big boys now with kids whose lives will nev­er feel the same
If you out there don’t get what I say, there’s noth­ing owed to you
To feel that way is born inside no mat­ter what you do

I won­der how my for­tune fell
When everything began to melt
The case I had for wast­ing that
That nev­er came
I want to walk away again
Away again
Away again
There to won­der how those things will nev­er be
Search­ing for that grand illu­sion fools have called the key
If you don’t care just keep away, how can I give hope to you
Near­er now are both our futures, me, our hearts and you

And yet all I want is to lose myself and stay so close to you
All I want is to stay so close to you


Words and music Mick Hucknall
EMI Music Pub­lish­ing Lim­ited /So What Limited

Oth­er Info

This track is on the Love And The Rus­si­an Winter album (1999)