Love and the Russian Winter

Release Information
Released: November 1999

CD – EW 3984-29942-2
Cassette – EW 3984-29942-4
Vinyl – EW 3984-29942-1
Mini-Disc – EW 3984-29942-8

Released: October 2008
Special Edition – 2564-69358-5
Includes bonus tracks – more info here

Original Credits

It is love who empties us of the spirit of estrangement and fills us with the spirit of kinship; who makes possible such mutual intercourse as this; who presides over festivals, dances, sacrifices; who bestows good-humour and banishes surliness; whose gift is the gift of good-will and never of ill-will. He is easily entreated and of great kindness; contemplated by the wise, admired by the gods; coveted by men who posses him not, the treasure of those who are blessed by his possession; father of daintiness, delicacy, voluptuousness, all graces, longing, and desire; careful of the happiness of good men, careless of the fate of the bad; in toil, in fear, in desire, in speech the best pilot, soldier, comrade, saviour; author of order in heaven and earth; loveliest and best of all leaders of song, whom it behoves every man to follow singing his praise, and bearing his part in that melody wherewith he casts a spell over the minds of all gods and all men. Agathon 416 B.C.
Excerpt from ‘Symposium’ – Plato

Vocals: Mick Hucknall
Backing Vocals: Dee Johnson, Sarah Brown, Mick Hucknall
Guitars: Kenji Suzuki, Mark Jaimes, Greg Bone
Bass: Gota Yashiki, Andy Wright, Wayne Stobbart, Tim Vine
Keyboards: Tim Vine, Andy Wright, Dom T, Aiden Love, Phillipe Manjard, James Wiltshire
Drums: Gota Yashiki, Geoff Holroyde
Saxophones: Ian Kirkham
Trombone: John Johnson
Saxophone and Flute: Chris De Margary
Trumpet: Kevin Robinson

AGM are Andy Wright, Gota Yashiki, Mick Hucknall
Produced by AGM. Horn arrangements by M

Programming: Ned Douglas, James Wiltshire. Andy Wright, Gota Yashiki
Programming and additional production on ‘Your Eyes’: Merv Pearson
Recording engineers: Alan Douglas, John Lee, Al Clay, Matt White, James Wiltshire, Mak Togashi Assistant engineers: Mak Togashi, Matt Taite, Andy Saunders, Matt White, Emily Cracknell, Josh T Studios: Westpoint, London/Metropolis, London/Town House, London
Mastered by Kevin Metcalfe at Soundmasters, London

Original artwork concept by Mick Hucknall
Band photography by Rick Guest
Digital virtual environments by Lost In Space
Photographic treatment by Idea and Peacock
Artwork by Peacock

Mick Hucknall wears Krizia

Worldwide representation Silent Way Ltd
USA representation So What Media & Management Inc
All tracks used by kind permission of the publishers