Greatest Hits

When com­pil­ing this col­lec­tion I remin­isced over my music­al rela­tion­ship with Stew­art Lev­ine; from start­ing as a stu­dent of pro­duc­tion with Pic­ture Book, lead­ing to a kind of gradu­ation around the time of Stars.

Whilst it is a test­a­ment to my growth as a sing­er and writer, it also jour­neyed me through the times of our lives; a thing which I found quite mov­ing. I thank Stew­art truly and deeply for rep­res­ent­ing the sheer qual­ity of musi­cian­ship on these recordings.

I am proud to have worked with the fol­low­ing musi­cians who come to you with much love, care and affection.

Affec­tion­ately, Mick”

Release Inform­a­tion

Released: Octo­ber 1996
CD — EW 0630–16552‑2
Cas­sette — EW 0630–16552‑4
Vinyl — EW 0630–16552‑1


Musi­cians: Ian Kirkham, Fritz McIntyre, Heit­or Pereira, Tim Kel­lett, Chris Joyce, Gota Yashiki, Shaun Ward, Tony Bowers, Andy Wright, Sly Dun­bar, Rob­bie Shakespeare, Steve Lew­in­son, Bootsy Collins, Lenny Castro, Sylvan Richardson
Voices: Dee John­son, Sarah Brown, Stephanie Spruell, Janette Sewell

Tracks 1–2/4–7 Pro­duced by Stew­art Lev­ine for Oliver­ea Pro­duc­tions Lim­ited. Track 3 Pro­duced by Alex Sadkin. Tracks 8–12 Pro­duced by Stew­art Lev­ine for Oliver­ea Pro­duc­tions Lim­ited. Co-pro­duced by Mick Huck­nall for Simply Red Records Lim­ited. Tracks 13 & 15 Pro­duced by Mick Huck­nall & Stew­art Lev­ine. Track 14 Pro­duced by Simply Red, Wyclef Jean, Pras Michel & Jerry ‘Pe-Bass’ Dup­lessis for Refugee Camp Ents. Wyclef Jean, Pras Michel & Lauryn Hill appear cour­tesy of Ruffhouse/Columbia Records

All tracks Mastered by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mas­ter­ing, Los Angeles except Track 3 Mastered by Ted Jan­son at Ster­ling Sound New York. This com­pil­a­tion Re-Mastered at Bernie Grundman Mas­ter­ing, Los Angeles.

Tracks 1,2 Engin­eered and mixed by Femi J. Assist­ant Engin­eer Chris Dick­ie. Track 3 Engin­eered by Barry Mraz, Assist­ant Engin­eer Chris Dick­ie, Mixed by Barry Mraz, Alex Sadkin and Chris Dick­ie at Rak Stu­di­os, Lon­don. Tracks 4, 5, 6, 7 Recor­ded at Air Stu­di­os, Mont­ser­rat, Pre­par­a­tion in Gal­lar­ate, Italy. Engin­eered and mixed by Dar­ren Klein at Ocean Way Stu­di­os, Los Angeles, Assist­ant Engin­eers Karl Lever and Clark Ger­maine, Tracks 8–12: recor­ded at Con­dulmer Record­ing Stu­dio, Venice, Italy, Engin­eered and Mixed by Dar­ren Klein at Con­way Stu­di­os, Los Angeles, Assist­ant Engin­eers Sandro Fran­chin and Marnie Riley, Tracks 13, 15 Recor­ded at Plan­et 4 Stu­di­os, Manchester, Eng­land, Air Stu­di­os, Lon­don, Eng­land, Engin­eered and Mixed by Roland Her­ring­ton and Femi J. Assist­ant Engin­eers Aiden Love, Andy Strange, Bern­ard O’Reilly, Tracks 2, 3 & 7 Addi­tion­al Pro­duc­tion Mick Huck­nall, Re-Mixed by Femi Jiya and Roland Her­ring­ton at Whit­field Street Stu­di­os Lon­don, Assist­ant Engin­eer Jake Dav­ies. Track 14 Mixed by Simply Red, Engin­eered by Roland Her­ring­ton and Jake Dav­ies at Whit­field Street Stu­di­os, Lon­don, Assist­ant Engin­eer Dav­id Russell

Album Co-ordin­at­or: Merv Pear­son and Jake Davies
World­wide Rep­res­ent­a­tion: Andy Dodd & Elli­ot Rash­man assisted by Lindy Fretwell and Josephine Bur­ston at So What Arts Lim­ited in asso­ci­ation with Lisa Bar­bar­is for So What Arts America
Set Art Work: Car­o­lyn Quartermaine
Photography/Art Dir­ec­tion: Zanna
Design/Art Dir­ec­tion: Ray@Intro
Design Co-ordin­a­tion: Katy Richard­son & Adri­an Shaughnessy
All tracks used by kind per­mis­sion of the publishers