Paris show tonight is going ahead

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

The true martyrs of the Paris attacks were the victims themselves. Many were music lovers. We honour them tonight at Le Zenith. BigLove Simply Red

8 Responses to “Paris show tonight is going ahead”

  1. Markus says:


  2. Louise says:

    Thank you for the love and support to the people of the City of Lights, which were dimmed so tragically…thank you for being part of turning them back up! There were tears in my eyes listening to the few bars of… “just keep moving on” on the news as I drove to work today.
    Have loved your music for so long…Former Brit living in the US – and wish you’d come to Seattle sometime! . Big Love…LB

  3. Daisya says:

    Last night was awesome! Thank you Mick, Kenji, Ian, Steve, Dave, Kevin & Roman for transferring such a Big Love at Zenith last night. Everybody left home with such radiance face! Love you!!!

  4. Claudia says:

    Well done Mick! Fear doesn’t have to win! I was at your gig in Milan on Sunday and it was AWESOME! I’m sure Parisians are going to love your gig tonight! Let’s all support France!

  5. Astrid says:

    How brave! Take care over there!

  6. Marie José Lebreton says:

    Thanks a lot Simply Red Team!! You are mostly welcome in Paris!! Have a fantastic Gig this evening. We love you!! See you next year in Edinburgh, as I could not come today and I deeply regret it!! All the best and give Paris the Big Love we need!!

  7. Gerald says:

    Good to hear. At first I was disappointed with the bands that cancelled, but then thought who’s want to go to a concert after such tragedy. Now I feel that the first concert since Friday couldn’t be in better hands. Well done Mick and the band. Please send our wishes to Paris.

  8. Daisya says:

    Yayy! Can’t wait!!