Your indul­gence of your free­dom ignores me
Your free­dom to express your con­fu­sion shames all of us
As if being a lady will make it easi­er
By being a lady it will make love life clear­er

I hope that you get what you think you want some day baby
And I pray that you get the approv­al you’re crav­ing
This beau­ti­ful lady can over­take all of us
Funny this kind of lady seems to make our lives clear­er

I could turn on a leaf and let you burn
Beg you for relief when it’s my turn
Help me to help you help me learn
Ah lady! You make life breathe easi­er
But don’t blame me if your life sheds a tear

The fever­ish time we spend alone it soothes me
But too many days spent apart alone they just con­fuse me
Part of being a lady you love it when I miss you more
And without pon­ti­fic­at­ing its you I’m ador­in’


Ah Lady! Oh Lady!
Crazy! Ooh Lady!
Ah baby! Ooh you make me crazy!


Words: Huck­nall Music: Hucknall/Holland
Pub­lished by EMI Songs Ltd/ Bug Music Ltd
Pro­duced by Mick Huck­nall
Recor­ded at Home by Michael Zim­mer­ling and Andy Scade

Oth­er Info

This track is on the Stay album (2007)