You make me smile glow and shine
You make me glad to be alive
With love its easy to survive

The girl that I lost when I was blue
Has con­firmed my heart grows stronger when there’s you

Cos you make me smile
You make me smile

True love won’t find a bet­ter way
Fake love best plan its getaway
New love won’t find a bet­ter place to stay

The woman that I love you always knew
My heart loves longer and stronger when there’s you

Cos you make me smile

The col­our of my blood is truly justified
That was me, it was me, I nev­er lied
My blood flows through you and my heart goes to you when you cried

It’s no good to bluff or nev­er won­der why
Who to be, who to be I’ve nev­er tried
It’s enough to know you and to love you baby is my pride
Lov­ing you forever is a must and from now on my love will nev­er be denied

Cos you make me smile


Words by Hucknall
Music by Huck­nall and Kirkham
Pub­lished by EMI Music Ltd / Copy­right Control
Pro­duced by Hucknall
Mixed by Johnny Wow
Recor­ded at Home by Michael Zim­mer­ling, with Andy Scade

Oth­er Info

This track is on the Sim­pli­fied album (2005)