Big Love

Release Inform­a­tion

Released: June 2015

Ori­gin­al Credits

Vocals, gui­tar — Mick Hucknall

Gui­tars – Kenji Suzuki

Key­boards – Dave Clayton

Drums and per­cus­sion by Roman Roth except on Dad and Each Day by Pete Lewinson

Bass by Jack Stevens except on Dad and Each Day by Steve Lew­in­son and on Tight Tones by Andy Wright

Sax­o­phone on Com­ing Home, Shine On, Day­dream­er, The Old Man And The Beer by Ian Kirkham

Trum­pet on The Old Man And The Beer, Com­ing Home and flugal horn on Big Love and Love Won­ders by Kev­in Robinson

Strings on Ghost of Love, WORU, Big Love, Love Won­ders, Love Gave Me More and Day Dream­er arranged by Peter-John Vettese

Orches­tra on Ghost of Love, WORU, Love Won­ders and Big Love fixed by Iso­bel Grif­fiths, orches­trated and con­duc­ted by Jim McWil­li­am. Orches­tra lead­er Ever­ton Nelson

Strings on Each Day arranged by (the late, great) Dav­id Sin­clair Whitaker

Addi­tion­al key­board and gui­tars on Love Gave Me More by Juan Ayala Valdez

Addi­tion­al key­boards on Shine On and Day­dream­er by Danny Saxon

Addi­tion­al gui­tars and bass on Shine On and Day­dream­er by Mark Jaimes

All back­ing vocals by Mick Huck­nall except on Tight Tones by Lauren Flynn, WORU by Peter-John Vettese, Shine On by Sam Swal­low and Andy Wright. Vocal fea­ture on Love Gave Me More by Purdy

All tracks pro­duced by Andy Wright and Mick Hucknall

Mixed by Mick Hucknall

Mix engin­eer Adri­an Hall

Recor­ded by Gav­in Gold­berg, Adri­an Hall and Lewis Chapman

Pro­gram­ming on all tracks by Andy Wright and Gav­in Goldberg

Recor­ded at South­W­est Stu­di­os Bat­ter­sea, mixed at Home