Lon­don O2 Arena, UK

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Lon­don 1 — 8th December

1. Come To My Aid
2. Thrill Me
3. Your Mir­ror
4. For Your Babies
5. So Not Over You
6. Oh! What A Girl!
7. Night Nurse
8. More
9. You Make Me Feel Brand New
10. If You Don’t Know Me By Now
11. It’s Only Love
12. Stars
13. The Right Thing
14. Money’s Too Tight (To Men­tion)
15. Ain’t That A Lot Of Love
16. Fair­ground
17. Sun­rise
18. Some­thing Got Me Star­ted
19. Hold­ing Back The Years

28 Responses to “Lon­don O2 Arena, UK”

  1. v mitchell says:

    saw the con­cert in shef­field abso­lutely fant­astic but how come we cant get dvd of o2 con­cert only sidney

  2. night nurse says:

    yes noticed he had a cold but still thought he was excel­lent. very sad the girls were not with him but have noticed this a lot over recent years. lovely to see his own little girl in the audi­ence. sweet

  3. Sian "Skillzzz" simplys youngest fan? says:

    Amaz­ing night and gut­ted there wont be another. Well worth the money I payed to be in the front block. And at 24yrs old am I simplys young­est fan? Maybe…I didnt see any­one under the age of say 30 there that night. Plus it turned out the women in front of me worked at the same place I used to, and knows all my friends. Small world!
    Merry Xmas every­one and happy 2011!!
    Sian xxxxxxxxxx
    Love u SR

  4. denise stevens says:

    hav­ing read the rest of the reviews of this con­cert, i have to say, am i the only one who noticed mr huck­nall had a stink­ing cold? he was blow­ing his nose after every song and looked ter­rible, was amazed that he did as well as he did!having seen simply red many many times over the years i can hon­estly say it was the worst i have heard mick sing, which was under­stand­able in the cir­cum­stances and he still soun­ded good. my main dis­s­a­point­ment this even­ing was the absence of the lovely ‘singing girls’ dee and sarah, where were you? it felt to me like there was only a skel­eton band on stage,if this had been the last time i had seen simply red i would have left being slightly dissapointed,as it was i had also got 6 tick­ets for the last night and ———–it was bril­liant, mick was recovered,the lovely singing girls were in attendance,plus more musi­cians, a full on per­form­ance which was a fit­ting end to a bril­liant band that i have loved since my twenties!

  5. Jan T says:

    We had as usual a fant­astic even­ing. In all these years and con­certs we have never been dis­ap­poin­ted. It has only just hit me that I will never be able to enjoy a band, a singer, the atmo­sphere, the sheer joy of the fans that we exper­i­ence at every con­cert ever again. Please, please dont leave us like this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Donna Prosho says:

    Have seen Simply Red many times before with my sis­ter and we knew we had to go once more before they went their sep­ar­ate ways and boy, we were not disappointed.….…..they were fant­astic, as usual, and we had the best night ever.
    Sound and light­ing was amaz­ing and only added to the spec­tacle!
    Mick and the band were on top form and we shall sadly miss them in the future.
    All the best boys!
    Thank you for 25 years of great music.

  7. Dave Furlong says:

    Read­ing other reviews brings it all back. The guy next to me kept say­ing “unbe­liev­able” — how true! Excep­tional voice — I agree — bet­ter that on the CD’s — and great per­form­ance — sang from 9.10pm ’til 10.50pm. Left the O2 on a high and want­ing more.

  8. Val Grant says:

    Have fol­lowed Mick and Simply Red from the start and been to many live per­form­ances. Never ever been dis­ap­poin­ted!
    What a fant­astic show and what a voice. Would hope to see him again with The Faces. Thank you SIMPLY FANTASTIC!

  9. Gillian Ward says:

    Have loved Simply Red right from the start. To my com­plete sur­prise, my daugh­ter bought two tick­ets for us to see the show at the O2 on 8/12/10 for my birth­day. We had a fant­astic night. What an amaz­ing per­form­ance. Had goose bumps and tears rolling down my face all night. Very mov­ing. Beau­ti­ful light­ing. It was a night I shall never ever for­get. Thank you so much.

  10. Jeanerette Garn says:

    Simply fant­astic con­cert at the O2 on Weds, vocals abso­lutely won­der­ful as usual. Great set with all our favour­ites and an encore. Bril­liant day out, with my daugh­ter and her fiancé join­ing us this time and enjoy­ing the con­cert every bit as much as we did. Thanks Simply Red, 25 years isn’t enough. Sooooooooooo goin to miss you. Good luck with everything you all do in the future. Simply Red will always be Simply the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Natalia says:

    Sim­ple­mente “impre­sion­ante”, el mejor con­cierto que he visto en mi vida. Gra­cias por una noche inolvid­able, fué increíble haber ten­ido la opor­tunidad de escuchar­los en vivo. Increíble.

  12. Deana says:

    excel­lent even­ing, thanks for all the music over the years, will see the final farewell at a cinema, hop­ing you will be back with some newer sounds soon.

  13. claire says:

    Oh what a guy! Thanks for a fant­astic show and so much enjoy­ment over the years. Will really miss Simply Red.

  14. Jayne Maddox says:

    Here we are sev­eral days after the Farewell con­cert at the O2 Lon­don and I am still in awe at the per­form­ance given by Mick and the group. No words could ever truly describe the tal­ent, the voice, the words of the songs or the pleas­ure they have given us over the past 25 years. Mick and Simply Red have given inspri­ation to all ages and I thank them for that. Life without your music will never be the same and the per­form­ance was elec­tric. I would def­in­itely go again to see them and already miss them. Thank you for the years of enjoy­ment you have given to every­one and I wish you all the best but don’t ever be afraid to come back to our ears and souls. Your sound will go on forever — thank you. xxx

  15. Phivos Ethelontis says:

    I thought Mick Huck­nall was abso­lutely superb,he gave a 110% per­form­ance and you really felt that it meant a lot to him to put on the best show.
    It will be sad not see SIMPLY RED live again, but I am so pleased that I was able to get bril­liant seats and enjoy the fant­astic songs and music one more time.
    A most mem­or­able even­ing which will stay with me for ever.

  16. night nurse says:

    best ever. from brighton 1986 till now-have been to every tour. amaz­ing night. missed sad old red but still a rock­ing night. thankyou mick

  17. Jason Kinney says:

    Abso­lutly superb, I loved every second. What a voice you couldn’t fault it all, soun­ded just as good as ever. Very emo­tional farewell, but my god what a farewell it was, I didn’t stop mov­ing all the way through. Thank you for your won­der­ful music , I will still be listen­ing for years to come. Simply Red = Simply Amazing!!

  18. MeliePelie says:

    Incred­ible per­form­ance by Mick and the rest of Simply Red at the 02 on Decem­ber 8th. Mick’s voice has just become more beau­ti­ful and rich over the years. Fab­ulous per­form­ance and thor­oughly enjoyed it — just wish he had done an encore but sadly he didn’t. His final per­form­ance of Hold­ing Back the Years with him solo on the gui­tar was just perfect :)

  19. Ruth King says:

    What an amaz­ing concert!Mike Hucknell’s voice is fantastic,better than it sounds on cd.He sang for about 2hrs and 45mins.His musi­cians are out of this world,also doing his back­ing vocals.Worth every penny and well organ­ised at the O2.

  20. Debbie mallard says:

    Bril­liant voice bril­liant show, best birth­day present ever cant belive I wont see him live again

  21. Annette says:

    This was the best con­cert shame it was the last.
    I will be at a cinema watch­ing the last show.

  22. sally says:

    Abso­lutly Bril­liant Show.

  23. Breeze says:

    Abso­lutely amaz­ing per­form­ance.
    What a voice.

  24. Alison B says:

    What a great night, plenty of dan­cing and singing and as usual Mick in great form. It was a bit sad leav­ing and know­ing that was it but at least we have all the videos to watch, enjoy and remem­ber!!!!! Cer­tainly very tired today!!!
    Will miss you lots and lots, thank you for all those years

  25. john blackley says:

    02 Arena, Wed 8th Dec. Amaz­ing con­cert !! But…Simply Red didn’t start until 21.10 , and fin­ished at 22.50, and it then took me 2 and a half hours to get home via tube and train ( only 30 miles out­side Lon­don). Crazy , espe­cially in such cold / bad weather!! Still I shouldn’t moan too much as I’ve seen the band live since 1986, and it was a priv­ilege to wit­ness the Farewell Tour. Mick’s voice still soars over an accom­plished group of musi­cians. Vocal har­mon­ies were superb. And to close with Hold­ing the Years, was just so spe­cial. We loved it !!!!

  26. Angey says:

    Great show — loved it — as always. Thanks for 25 years of great music.

  27. Janice McCauley says:

    Just got home from the O2 Lon­don, after see­ing Simply Reds Farewell Tour, wow what a con­cert, I have loved Micks voice/ music from the minute I first heard him. I was hooked ever since. I have been to many of his con­certs, all were bril­liant. Have every CD/DVD. I look for­ward to see­ing him again with the Faces although the end of Simply Red is the end of an era. Thank you for the music Mick
    Simply the Best!!!