Java Soul­na­tion Fest­iv­al, Istora Senay­an, Jakarta, Indonesia

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Jakarta — 29th Octo­ber 2010

1. Your Mirror
2. Thrill Me
3. Night Nurse
4. So Not Over You
5. Enough
6. You Make Me Feel Brand New
7. For Your Babies
8. Hold­ing Back The Years
9. Stars
10. It’s Only Love
11. Sunrise
12. Come To My Aid
13. Fake
14. The Right Thing
15. Money’s Too Tight (To Mention)
16. Ain’t That A Lot Of Love
17. Fairground
18. Some­thing Got Me Started
19. If You Don’t Know Me By Now

29 Responses to “Java Soul­na­tion Fest­iv­al, Istora Senay­an, Jakarta, Indonesia”

  1. ivana puhan says:

    Many thanks to Simply Red com­ing to Indone­sia, Mick­’s live voice as awe­some as his recor­ded album..It’s been one of the best day of my life to watch your mag­ni­fi­cent performance..Can’t wait to have your solo album Mick..!! Bravoo..!!

  2. jeannealynna says:

    Beau­ti­ful performance.

  3. dani says:

    I respect inter­na­tion­al artists who gives a true per­form­ance for Jakarta audi­ence, not those “U pay‑I play” and then go home kindda thing. U gave Jakarta one of the most mem­or­able sing-along con­cert and u cer­tainly gives a good per­form­ance. I salute U !

  4. Rinny Hafid says:

    The first simply red con­cert for me, and for the last for sure! thank you to came to jakarta, mick has an amaz­ing musi­cian! cant hardly wait to see the New Face and the solo album!

    Simply Red, Simply Amaz­ing, you’ll def­in­itely be missed!

  5. fariz az_oge says:

    FANTASTICS…!!!! till today I’m still not believed can stand on first row on the day of con­cert…!! Simply Red.. Simply Fant­ast­ics…!! Many Thanks and see you soon guys..!

  6. Johan says:

    I am a TRUE sim­pleRed fans.. wanna see you in new FACE and new SOLO album.. Take care

  7. firmansyah T says:

    Won­der­full concert…everything’s perfect…

  8. dewanto (Anto) says:

    Mick.…..Finally I meet & see you…this my first & last simply red con­cert, thank you for take a pic­ture with you.
    You amaz­ing Mick…God Bless You, see you in next project

  9. kay says:

    Love your per­form­ance guys!!! love you mick!!
    it was a great simply red con­cert!! I really had a great time…
    I was at the first line .. front of you guys..
    sad to hear this is a farewell tour, hope you change your mind :( so I can meet you again in anoth­er con­cer in Indonesia…

  10. You were BEAUTIFUL !!!
    Thank you for the best con­cert in Jakarta … hope will be see­ing you guys again and you will change your mind of the “farewel” … me and my wife were really enjoy­ing your con­cert at the soul­na­tion :D … please do more !!! … best of suc­cess and enjoy­ing more times in life :D

  11. Adit says:

    Thank you Simply Red for com­ing to Jakarta. I really had a good time, sing along with every­body dur­ing 1.5 hour concert.

  12. Monita says:

    It was amaz­ing con­cert with amaz­ing band and amaz­ing voice from Mr. Huck­nall in Jakarta. Me and my sis­ter grew up with your music. Thank you for com­ing and gave us the oppor­tun­ity to watch your won­der­ful farewell con­cert at Java Soul­na­tion. Indone­sia will miss u. Love u guys..:)

  13. Faried Ismunandar says:

    Finally, I finally had the chance to go and see Mr Huck­nall and Simply Red per­form. It is kinda sad know­ing this would be (copy­ing from his own word)“the first and unfor­tu­nately the last time” Simply Red will per­form in Jakarta.
    But again, it was a bril­liant 1,5 hours of music, voice and atmo­sphere. Me and my wife was there with all the crowd that has all the lyr­ics in their head and sing along all con­cert long. So glad that we bought the fest­iv­al tick­et, so we had a chance to jump and sing (shout prob­ably a bet­ter word for it) all the songs with these Simply Red fan­at­ics on the floor.
    Love all the songs but won’t ever for­get the voice on “You make me feel brand new”, the ‘straight into your arms’ move on “Stars”, the sing along on “Fair­ground” and the last wave on “If you dont know me by now”. Kinda miss “Nev­er nev­er love”, “Home” and most anti­cip­ated song “Say You Love Me”. But that did­nt make this con­cert any less though.
    You nev­er failed me on every record­ings, sir, and sure you did­nt fail me on the con­cert. Thanks for the music, the voice that you Simpy Red has giv­en. So glad I went to the con­cert. THE bril­liant concert.

  14. Cornelius David R says:

    AMAZING! Out­stand­ing! The band with a mil­lions hits proves that their ages is just a num­ber, but their music lives forever. Thank you so much.…I wish you guys best of luck! cheers. Say you’ll love me all around the world.….….….…

  15. Atid says:

    I was simply blessed just to be on your con­cert in Jakarta last fri­day oct 29, 2010…! you’re truly amaz­ing… bring­ing so much joy and love to us here. Just hear­ing and see­ing you all so vibrantly enter­tain­ing us, Indone­sians… Thank you for being here! we need this kind of beau­ti­ful feel­ing in spite of all the sor­row the nation is facing recently..

  16. Vivi Zulviyanti says:

    WOW!!! That was an awe­some con­cert! Thanks to sing us your hits. That’s been a great time!. Got the 1st row in front of the stage and was totally speech­less been that close with Mick! LOL . Wish that’s not your farewell tour. We’re gonna miss you! Jakarta loves you!

  17. john gilmore says:

    really good per­form­ance from the band lost none of their magic since i saw them at old traf­ford crick­et ground many years ago. good luck in the future to them all.
    shame about the insuf­fi­cient advert­ising in the city about the con­cert and empty space!!!
    john (forever a red)

  18. Indradjid says:

    After hav­ing exper­i­ence watch­ing you in DVD, finally I have a chance to watch you live. And… WOW ! What a exper­i­ence… Thank you for your music. Thank you for being part of my life.

  19. iburama says:

    WOW … Great con­cert … Love the music..
    Mick­’s voice was amaz­ing as always …
    Thank you Simply Red.

  20. Anita Diah says:

    SIMPLY RED = SIMPLY AMAZING!!! I was one of the lucky ones who got the chance to meet Mick Huck­nall per­son­ally before the show at Soul­na­tion Jakarta. I was FLOORED!!! Dear sir, in case you didn’t catch what I was say­ing when I met you, it was some­thing along: “it’s such an hon­or, I grew up listen­ing to your music”. Star­struck nev­er mean a lot to me, but it hap­pen! I feel like I’m the young­est per­son there, but your music made every­one in that huge room forever young. And excuse my lack of Eng­lish lan­guage know­ledge, but I ser­i­ously don’t know any words to explain how out-of-world your per­form­ance was. LEGENDARY. EPIC. For that I thank you.

  21. jon planas says:

    yeah you’re really great. my sis­ter watched your farewell con­certs in Sydney and Jakarta

  22. jon planas says:

    yeah you’re really great. my sis­ter watched your farewell con­certs in Sydney and Jakarta.

  23. Anton says:

    Simply Red will always be in my memory n my heart, with the power­ful and spec­tac­u­lar voice of Mick! What a MARVELOUS show!Can’t wait to hear your anoth­er project!

  24. Yuri Darmas says:

    Well, i’ve waited for this moment since i was in high school. I’m 34 years old now. It was a dream come ture for me. Me, my wife & my sis­ter really really had a good time last night.When simply red per­form­ing “enough” it’s really supris­ing me. Mick you’re so great! Thank you Simply REd. Thank you (one of your song as well haha..)

  25. Jackson Hartono says:

    Simply Red … Amaz­ing Farewell Con­cert … Octo­ber 29 is my 43th Birth­day. Five of us watch Simply Red togeth­er … my Faith­full Wife and my 3 Lovely Daugh­ters … We all hav­ing Amaz­ing Time togeth­er every seconds soo Precious …
    Thank You Mick and All The Simply Red mem­bers … You All Soo Brilliant…
    Wish You All The Best … Thank You for per­form­ing in Jakarta … Simply Red will be remembered and missed …

  26. Antonny says:

    Amaz­ing amaz­ing show! Me and my wife had such a great time, and it’s sur­real to see our long time favor­ite sing­er and band live for the first time in our own city. Mick was fant­ast­ic, humble, relaxed and yet the voice was out of this world. I think Mick was a little sur­prised how pop­u­lar he is here and how thou­sands will hap­pily sing along with him. He soun­ded genu­inely pleased and amazed with the crowd. We could see that he was also hacing a great time, too bad it’s “First and unfor­tu­nately last time.” as he put it.

    A per­fect bit­ter sweet end­ing with “If you dont know me by now”. Could cer­tainly feel love in the air :) Thanks and good luck!

  27. Nelson Philipus says:

    Yay…!! i’m the first one to write the review from Indone­sia — which fin­ised just 2 hours ago. 2 words to describe simply red farewell con­cert in Jakarta… ‘Simply Amazing!’
    I’m a huge fan of music and live per­form­ance, and this is def­in­itely one of the best con­cert i’ve ever seen. The crowd was so much alive.
    thank you for 25 years of won­der­ful music. your piece of arts will always remain. thank you once again and enjoy your deserved break. you’ll def­in­itely be missed!

  28. Mick… thank you so much for your 1st & last tour in Jakarta, Indone­sia… we had so much fun… it was simply simply an awe­some awe­some fun­t­ast­ic con­cert… been honored to watched you here :)… though you were not per­form­ing much songs… but it was great…

  29. Arvind Mohindra says:

    Bril­liant con­cert! My first simply red con­cert! was finally an exhil­ar­at­ing exper­i­ence to check out the entire band! Mick has an amaz­ing voice! Look for­ward to 2011 and bey­ond with the New Faces and the solo work! con­cert was simply brilliant!