Tour Dates

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6 Nov 2022
Par­is, France
8 Nov 2022
Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
10 Nov 2022
Ziggo Dome
Ams­ter­dam, Netherlands
11 Nov 2022
Ziggo Dome
Ams­ter­dam, Netherlands
14 Nov 2022
Barclaycard Arena
Ham­burg, Germany
15 Nov 2022
Frank­furt, Germany
16 Nov 2022
Zag Arena
Han­nov­er, Germany
18 Nov 2022
Dortmund, Germany
20 Nov 2022
Lanxess Arena
Cologne, Germany
21 Nov 2022
SAP Arena
Man­nheim, Germany
22 Nov 2022
Zurich, Switzerland
24 Nov 2022
Mercedes Benz Arena
Ber­lin, Germany
27 Nov 2022
Stut­tgart, Germany
29 Nov 2022
Quarterback Immobilien Arena
Leipzig, Germany
30 Nov 2022
Munich, Germany
2 Dec 2022
Vienna, Austria
3 Dec 2022
NTC Arena
Brat­is­lava, Slovakia
4 Dec 2022
Graz, Austria
6 Dec 2022
Bud­apest, Hungary
7 Dec 2022
Atlas Arena
Lodz, Poland
9 Dec 2022
Ant­werp, Belgium
11 Dec 2022
Royal Arena
Copen­ha­gen, Denmark
14 Dec 2022
Palazzo dello Sport
Rome, Italy
15 Dec 2022
Kioene Arena
Padova, Italy
16 Dec 2022
Mediolanum Forum
Mil­an, Italy



August 30, 2022

Spe­cial guests in Europe (Nov/Dec)

We’re pleased to announce that Luke Andrews Band will now be our spe­cial guest at 18 of the Nov/Dec European dates (see poster for which shows), and Miel de Bot­ton will be join­ing us as our spe­cial guest in Zurich on Novem­ber 22nd. As soon as we have con­firmed spe­cial guests for the remain­ing shows we will let you know.

July 22, 2022

Mick duet with Gil­bert O’Sullivan

Gil­bert O’Sul­li­van’s new album “Driv­en” is out today and includes a duet with Mick called “Let Bygones Be Bygones” (track 3 on the album).
You can buy or listen to it HERE
Mick says “It was a pleas­ure and a priv­ilege work­ing with Gil­bert. His clas­sics are among the best record­ings made by any­one, ever. I tried to remain faith­ful to his guide and fit in with him. I wish him every suc­cess with his new pro­ject. He deserves every cred­it that comes his way.”

May 31, 2022

Mick on BBC Radio 2

Mick will be a spe­cial guest on Steve Wright in the After­noon, tomor­row (31st May) from 2pm on BBC Radio 2. More inform­a­tion can be found HERE