Mick Hucknall FAQ

  1. When and where was Mick Hucknall born?
    Mick was born at around 8.30 in the morning on June 8th 1960 at St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester, England.

  2. How tall is he?
    He’s 5 foot 11 inches tall.

  3. What star sign is he?
    He’s a Gemini.

  4. Does he have any brothers or sisters?
    No, Mick is a single child who was brought up by his father Reg with help from a local family (a lovely lady called Nellie Spike – who Mick refers to as his “Auntie Nellie” – and her 4 daughters).

  5. Is he married?

  6. Does he have any children?
    Yes, he has a daughter called Romy True Hucknall who was born in June 2007.

  7. When did he form Simply Red?
    In 1984.

  8. Where did the name Simply Red come from?
    People used to call Mick “Red” (because of his hair) so he was going to call the band Red but then he decided it didn’t sound right on it’s own so (after a few changes) he added the word Simply.

  9. What does Mick have in his tooth?
    At the time of writing it’s a diamond although this could always change! When Mick was a boy he saw a blues guitar player called Buddy Guy on TV. He had a diamond in his tooth and Mick thought it was the coolest thing. He decided if he ever had the money and the opportunity when he grew up he would do something like that. Mick initially had a ruby, but to celebrate the new millennium, he changed it to a diamond.

  10. Is Mick left or right handed?
    He’s actually both! He writes and plays pool with his left hand but plays guitar and cricket right handed.