Credi­card Hall, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Sao Paulo – 20th April 2010

1. Out On The Range
2. Your Mir­ror
3. Mel­low My Mind
4. For Your Babies
5. Home Loan Blues
6. Enough
7. Heav­en
8. More
9. Oh! What a Girl!
10. To Be With You
11. Hold­ing Back The Years
12. Stars
13. Fake
14. Come To My Aid
15. The Right Thing
16. Sun­rise
17. Money’s Too Tight (To Men­tion)
18. Fair­ground
19. Ain’t That a Lot of Love
20. Some­thing Got Me Star­ted
21. If You Don’t Know Me By Now

34 Responses to “Credi­card Hall, Sao Paulo, Brazil”

  1. Marcela says:

    Well, I’m sus­pect to say this,because my love for simply red is unconditional,but the show was unfor­get­able, I was sat­is­fyed with Myck,his voice and his tal­ent for write musics is unique.I love you Mick, I love your songs, you are prefer musi­cian in the world.

  2. Evelise says:

    I was there, it was excit­ing! The best show I’ve ever seen in my entire life

  3. Luiz Fernando Martins Aquino says:

    Sem a men­or dúvida, o maior e mel­hor show que assisti em toda minha vida. É fas­cin­ante, inesquecível e fantástico. Tal­ento, alegria e sim­pa­tia. A maior de todas as ban­das. Não podem parar. Espero que reve­jam posição e vol­tem a nos brin­dar com mais apresentações. E que vol­tem ao Brasil. Assisti dois shows e sai com a sensação de quero mais.
    Obri­gado por estes momentos, SIMPLY RED…sempre!

  4. Pedro says:

    Mick, please come back to Brazil and sing “For your Babies” and “Stars”. I just love your songs, I’m listen­ing “For your Babies” for 2 days.

  5. Maria Lúcia says:

    Please, come back to brazil and sing you make me fell brand new. Please.

  6. because it touched YOU MAKE ME FEEL BRAND NEW on the show in Brazil ?

  7. Marcia Santos-São Paulo-Brazil says:

    .…back to …1985…“HEAVEN”””…
    “PURE HEAVEN” being in there,being part of that amaz­ing con­cert in São Paulo,my 3rd con­cert of SR in the city I’ve been liv­ing since 1987…such a huuuge,touching feel­ing hav­ing the guys back on the same stage…
    It’ll be EVEN BETTER THAN HEAVEN,IF—IF some day,MICK comes back again to the same Credi­card­Hall stage with the same old GORGEOUS SIMPLY RED TEAM or in his SOLO CAREER…But gotta say …to be a “SIMPLY PERFECT HEAVEN”, the same RED ANGELS,the SAME RED TEAM must be up there on stage with him:
    Daveee,Ian,Kevin,Pete,Steve and Kenji…
    Mar­cia San­tos — São Paulo ‑Brazil

  8. Giovanna says:

    because it touched YOU MAKE ME FEEL BRAND NEW on the show in Brazil ??????????????????????????????

  9. Kelly says:

    Muito bom, inesquecível. Isso é que são profis­sion­ais. Eles tem 25 anos de car­reira e con­tinuam atu­ando como se fosse o primeiro show. Fantástico.Além de ser­em sim­páti­cos e humildes. Obri­gada Simply Red.….

  10. AMANDA says:


  11. Valéria says:

    Simply Red, thanks for the won­der­ful show, you guys are fant­ast­ic, pro­fes­sion­al, friendly, pleas­ant. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Do not for­get Brazil and Sao Paulo. We have great affec­tion for you .…

  12. Teresa says:

    Simplis­mente Mara­vil­hoso! Ador­ei!
    Acredito que não será o último e estarei esper­ando com ansiedade o próx­imo. Fiquei na pista e no embalo. Foi uma delí­cia!

  13. Tatiane says:

    Simply Red has great pro­fes­sion­als, and more, great human beings, very kind and sweet with the fans.
    Thanks a lot for Dave, Ian, Pete and Steve for giv­ing us a spe­cial time before the show, tak­ing pho­tos, talk­ing to us…
    Thanks for Mick, you are someone blessed by God, your voice is remark­able and at the same time sweet, you have the power in hands to simply, make the people lives happy and hap­pi­er!!
    If I had a wish, it was to see Simply Red play­ing forever…

    Love you all!

  14. Alexandre says:

    The show was won­der­ful.

  15. Egle says:

    OOoooh!!!!!!!! The show was PERFECT! Mick is the best.
    Please Mick come back to São Paulo this year again…PLEASE!
    All bra­sili­an people will be wait­ing for you.
    you ROCK!

  16. Valéria says:

    O show foi MARAVILHOSO, pena que foi o último. Quero agrade­cer ao Pete,Steve e Dave que foram muito sim­páti­cos e tir­aram fotos com quem estava esper­ando na fila antes do show. Nota 10. Obri­gada.….…

  17. Valéria says:

    The show was won­der­ful. I want to thank Pete, to Steve and Dave were very friendly and took pic­tures with people in line. Thank you.


    fui em 2009 e agora em 2010
    vc embalou os mel­hores momentos da minha vida e con­tinua ótimo, sucesso na nova jor­nada

  19. Marcia says:

    The show was fant­ast­ic. If I could, I’d go to the oth­er shows. The band and spe­cially Mick was so amaz­ing. Simply the best. Hugs to all the Simply Red stuff.

  20. Túlio B says:

    Very good con­cert, much bet­ter than the one in Brasília, where you could not hear Mick­’s voice or each instru­ment so clearly. But it was too short (21 songs; less than 2 hours), as always.

    A BONUS was my meet­ing a young mar­ried couple from São Paulo (Ricardo e Elaine) and our hanging out with drum­mer Pete Lew­in­son after the show. Nice meet­ing you, mate! Take care!

  21. Paula says:

    The first time I saw Mick singing at the Hol­ly­wood Rock Con­cert — Sao Paulo — Brazil, I knew I was attend­ing the con­cert of my life! Yes­ter­day, almost 20 years after Hol­ly­wood Rock, I could exper­i­ence the same sen­sa­tion. Mick, you are the best. I thank you because listen­ing to our songs and your voice was the moment of the year!

  22. Renata says:

    Thanks Simple Red. The show was unfor­get­able for me. Mike is a geni­us and his voice is per­fect. I hope than Mike come back to Brazil again.

  23. Luciane FM says:

    Per­fect, mes­mer­iz­ing, enthralling! :D

    I took Simply Red for gran­ted and waited all these years to wit­ness live what I had already been lov­ing since 1985. To have this as my first and last Simply Red gig was a gift bey­ond words. At a point, I was so out of myself I just lost sense of time and space, com­pletely cap­tured by the power and pas­sion of you guys on stage.

    Mick & incred­ible band: what to say, THANK YOU so much for an unfor­get­table night. The set­l­ist was impec­cable.

    Mick, you’re some­thing else! The pas­sion, the joy, the pleas­ure you had in store for us last night were con­ta­gious and addict­ive. When you said “one more song,” I just had to laugh. “What?!” :D Wow… So soon!

    And to see Kenji and the Lew­in­son broth­ers per­form live with Simply Red? What a bonus.

    Mick, we love you. Simply Red is forever. What a night. <3

  24. FELIPE says:

    Hi Mick,

    i’m from Belo Hori­zonte and i am ask­ing for you if you could sing in the show tonight the song HOME.


    wait­ing for the big show

  25. Mara and Lucio says:

    Lucio — My best defin­i­tion for the Farewell con­cert in São Paulo 2010: Mick singing “Heav­en” was like almost being there…!!!
    Mara — simply fant­ast­ic! Mick was inspired, sen­su­al and cap­tiv­at­ing . I woke up the day after, being sure that I could nev­er have missed the feel­ings I got in the con­cert.

  26. Thelma says:


  27. Roberta says:

    The con­cert in São Paulo was amaz­ing, awe­some, thrill­ing. A gig for real fans, who felt simply over­whelmed with so many good sur­prises, such as Enough, More, Heav­en, To Be With You. Thank you all guys for giv­ing us such a great show!
    I was at the first line, so close to the stage, feel­ing all the vibra­tion of Mick and the whole band! Spe­cial con­grats for all the guys, Ian, Dave, Pete and Steve who came out­side to talk to us before the con­cert and also Kenji and Kev­in, you all did a great per­form­ance, mem­or­able! And Mick, well, always fant­ast­ic, power­ful, too good to be true.

    If I had to define the gig yes­ter­day in only one word, that would be…



  28. erika says:

    for your babies in mex­ico please!!!!!

  29. Natalia Ribeiro says:

    We love you!Great con­cert yes­ter­day in São Paulo!I was there! Your voice is wonderful!Thank you very much!:-)

  30. Peter Alex says:

    They played “For your babies” at Sao Paulo. Pity. They did­n’t do here at Recife and Bra­sil­ia. I missed that song a lot (My favour­ite one).

  31. Eliane Sato says:

    Guys, the show was great!!! Mick was amaz­ing, charm­ing, he is so tal­en­ted!!! The musi­cians were also amaz­ing, there are no words to describe how good they are!!! I just missed the back­ing vocal girls, Dee John­son and Sarah Brown… They played “For your babies” and “Fair­ground”, which made the audi­ence thrilled!!!I’d like to thank Simply Red for com­ing to São Paulo!!! You’re the best!!!

  32. Katya says:

    The show was amaz­ing, no words! Mike made every­body get out from their seats and dance to the music… The sound was per­fect, the songs, Mike him­self did­n’t stop for one second…
    This was the best show I’ve ever seen! Thanks a lot, Mike, and please, come back!

  33. erika says:


  34. erika says:

    hello,how was the show?