Cit­ibank Hall, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Rio – 23rd April 2010

1. Out On the Range
2. Enough
3. Your Mir­ror
4. Mel­low My Mind
5. Home Loan Blues
6. To Be With You
7. Heav­en
8. More
9. Fake
10. Thrill Me
11. For Your Babies
12. Hold­ing Back The Years
13. Stars
14. Come To My Aid
15. The Right Thing
16. Sun­rise
17. Money’s Too Tight (To Men­tion)
18. Fair­ground
19. Ain’t That a Lot of Love
20. Some­thing Got Me Star­ted
21. If You Don’t Know Me By Now

41 Responses to “Cit­ibank Hall, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil”

  1. Henrique says:

    O show foi ótimo. Era como se est­ivesse­mos no estú­dio gravando com eles. Um som mara­vil­hosamente agradável, mas faltou HOME. Nas duas vezes esper­ei ouvir HOME.

  2. Allt jag säger är bara Rio, se Copa­co­bana och myck­et annat som finns i Rio, en självk­lar­het att uppl­eva är Sock­er­top­pen. Även den Bra­sili­anska maten är ett under för sig.

  3. Susan says:

    Please, please come to the USA one more time. I will travel any­where in the US to see Mick and Simply Red. East Coast, West Coast–doesn’t matter–I’ll be there!

  4. alice morgan says:

    i want the pleas­ure of see­ing Mick per­form live before i leave this earth. please , please encour­age him to come to the usa. he wont regret the love and ador­a­tion.

  5. mari says:

    teera show da dulce maría ? :S’

  6. Juliano de laia says:


  7. Andréia Farias says:

    Saudade = nos­tal­gia. I feel like I see you people again. Be happy, Simply Red

  8. Linda Velloso says:

    Hello Mick talks about you’re describ­ing, tal­ent, suc­cess, cent­ral­ity, self-over­com­ing, sing­er, song­writer, musi­cian of geni­us, an extraordin­ary bal­ance. With a port of a lord. I am very grate­ful to par­ents who did and God was my wit­ness con­sents to the artist and won­der­ful man. I wish much hap­pi­ness, health Ah! You’re skinny! Check back often to Brazil Rio De Janeiro Ipan­ema. Come back soon okay!
    With Love Linda

  9. Andréia Farias says:

    I would like to turn back time

  10. Pedrinho says:

    Na argen­tina os putos tocaram Jericho! Fdps

  11. Marcia Santos-São Paulo-Brazil says:

    “What”” to say to you guys,that I haven’t said before since the last tour,from Feb up to the last con­cert
    in 2009??
    I’m still “at//in the concerts”,my body’s landed in SP last Sat Apr24th,but really,not my SOUL.I’m still try­ing hard to “have my soul back” so that I could come down to Earth and go back to my reg­u­lar “REAL LIFE”.
    It was my sev­enth concert(2 last year in SP)and these 5 ones in Brazil,this very year.
    Last March04th2009,when you guys left the stage in SP,I’ve got such a sad feeling,soooo sad feel­ing deep inside my heart,thinking that it could have been the last time I’d be able to see “SR” per­form­ing…
    This year,in RIO,after hav­ing see­ing you in all the pre­vi­ous con­certs in RECIFE,BRASÍLIA,BELO HORIZONTE and SÃO PAULO,I had a strong feel­ing that ““I WILL”” BE SEEING YOU AT THE LAST CONCERT IN LONDON in Decem­ber, and after 2011, “I WILL”” BE FOLLOWING MICK and each one of his abso­lutely LOVELY guys DAVEEE,IAN,KEVIN,PETE,STEVE and KENJI,wherever they go,whatever they decide to play,on their own solo careers or togeth­er with MICK in his solo career(that would be anoth­er dream com­ing true!)
    My SOUL is DEFINITELY SURE,ABSOLUTELY SURE, that I’ll be see­ing & talk­ing & tak­ing pics with all of you,for the rest of this life­time of mine&yours.
    *My deep­est SPECIAL THANKS to: lovely/­friendly/­sweet-great SOUL named Daveeeee;unbelievably sweet/patient/polite Ian; amaz­ing funny and good-humoured Mr.Elegant-Kevin;absolutely nice/kind/sympathetic Pete; sweetly & lovely shy but extremelly polite/attentive and patient guys,Steve and Kenji!
    May The Lord keep you all togeth­er with “MICK,my ALWAYS,4‑EVER and EVER N.1 ARTIST-MICK-MICK HUCKNALL”,from 2011 on…like in one of that songs of yours…
    “…f o r e v e rrrr.…”
    All my love, respect and deep admir­a­tion for THE REAL/TRUE/SPECIAL PEOPLE YOU ALL ARE, behind “THE HUGE AND TALENTED ARTISTS” each one of your bod­ies present them­selves to us fans, all over the World,while on stages.
    Mar­cia San­tos-São Paulo-Brazil
    Face­book : Mar­cia San­tos
    Myspace/Blog :www​.myspace​.com/​4​7​6​9​1​5​234

  12. Luciana Gama says:

    Mick, like in the music “it could me in your mind ‚forever”, yes, you’re in my mind forever.The show will be forever in my mind​.It was the best show of my life.Last year i saw the show too.And any­time you’ll be here i will be there.

  13. Camylla Barros says:

    Still in love with you and the show, boys. I’d like to fol­low you around the world… hope to see you again very soon :)
    Love you <3

  14. simplyredbrazil says:


  15. george says:

    please please please !!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. ROSA says:

    Hi, Mick…
    I went in your show in RIO and loved!!!!!
    I hear its songs since small..
    Very,very,very fastast­ic!!!!
    Thanks for the beau­ti­ful night cause my birth­day will be 16TH May and earned one gift before day..

  17. ROSA says:

    Hi, Mick…
    I went in your show in RIO and loved!!!!!
    I hear its songs since small..
    Very,very,very fastast­ic!!!!
    Thanks for the beau­ti­ful night cause my birth­day will be 16TH May and earned one gift before day..
    I saw you in SOFITEL HOTEL in cof­fee of the morn­ing
    You´re very pretty per­son­ally!!!!
    Kisses, kisses!!!!

  18. Adrian says:


    Nev­er Nev­er Love”
    “So not over you”
    “You´ve Got It”
    “Say You Love Me”

    Pablo Fan Club Pres­id­ent

  19. marcelo says:

    hey, mick! enjoy argen­tina, and don’t for­get to play the right thing, every time we say good­bye, the air that i breeze, she’s got it bad, turn it up. this will be your last time here, and we want you to change some songs, ok? good luck!!

  20. Susana Marques says:

    The very last gig of SR in Brazil… I can say I was there, singing and dan­cing with you, guys!
    May oth­er thou­sands of people in dif­fer­ent coun­tries and of dif­fer­ent lan­guages have the great pleas­ure we had last Fri­day.
    Thank you, Simply Red, for being such great musi­cians and so respect­ful to your fans, admirers and fol­low­ers.
    You’ll be with us while there is a single SR song for us to listen to and feel with­in our hearts…

  21. george says:

    please in buenos aires show include NIGHT NURSE ‚please !!!!111

  22. Rebeca says:

    These songs are a MUST, Argen­tini­an people love these ones:

    Hold­ing back the tears
    If you don’t know me by now
    Aint that a lot of love


  23. Rebeca says:

    Please in Buenos Aires show include!


    These songs are a MUST, Argen­tini­an people love these ones:

    Hold­ing back the tears
    If you don’t know me by now
    Aint that a lot of love


  24. Nathalia Brigida says:

    I’m young­est than Simply Red, but I’m a big fan of you guys!
    I had the oppor­tun­ity to saw the final show here in Brazil April 23, 2010 at Cit­ibank Hall. It was my first show and one of the greatest exper­i­ences I’ve ever had. Thank thank thank you very much for all those years that you Mick shared your voice with us, thanks all the musi­cians, spe­cially Ian Kirkham. He’s a example to me because I’m learn­ing sax­o­phone and someday I’ll be as good as him (I hope it! =D)
    I’m really glad to be with you guys that night and to sing most part of songs with Mick.. That was extremely cool!
    Con­grat­u­la­tions for all this time, for all songs, I love you Simply Red, I always will!

  25. Marianna says:

    I must guys are just the Best! I belive that no oth­er band in his­tory will be so cri­at­ive, open-minded, well-struc­tured, diverse as you are!
    I abso­lu­telly loved going to the show (Rio de janeiro), it was Simply SWELL.
    i’m only 21, and your music has been with me through all my life. I love your songs, and my chil­dren (in the future) will pro­blably love to. Your suc­ces maybe com­pared to Frank Sinatra, Diana Ross and Michael Jack­son, and jus like them your muis­ic is etern­al!

    Wish you the best!!

  26. Paulina says:

    It’d less “Beside You” y “So Not Over You” for Chile. URGENT!

  27. hI just got my tick­ets for the con­cert in Mex­ico City and I so excited about that, I got the last ones, Wel­come to Mex­ico Mike & Simply red world!

  28. Evanilza says:

    You will only live a hun­dred years on earth at most, but you will live forever in etern­ity.
    You were not sent to earth to be remembered
    You were made to be etern­al

  29. Ronald Zamora says:

    Please Mick,play on Chile “You Make Me feel Brand New” and“Never Nev­er Love” …this is your last time and can not stop touch­ing…

    Please.…and Blees for You !!!!!!!!!!

    I’ll see you two nights…

  30. Alessandra Doria says:


    I had a blast! Just like last year!

    Simply Red is the best!

    It felt like Heav­en.
    Your music makes my life bet­ter.
    I can­’t thank you enough for com­ing to Rio again. Mick, you were spe­cially inspired!
    And for the per­fect end­ing, a last good­bye and a pic at the air­port…


  31. Yasmin says:

    I’m 17 and I did my fam­ily love Simply Red. We went to the RJ show and I have only one word: AWESOME! It’s a won­der­ful band that will leave a lot of nos­tal­gia in our hearts. Thanks for all these feel­ings that you shared with us all these years. I love you, boys. ♥

  32. andrea says:

    Thank you! Simply per­fect! Unfor­get­able night! We had a great time: me, my hus­band and my twelve year old son. We’ll nev­er for­get!

  33. Camylla Barros says:

    Simply Per­fect! I had such a great time on last night’s show, me and my moth­er. I sang, danced and lost my voice! I did­n’t want to belive that that was your last show here in Brazil, but… it isn’t, I know :)

    Thank you very much, boys. I will nev­er for­get the amaz­ing moments you gave me. Love you.

  34. erika says:

    you make me feel brand new

  35. Sandro says:

    Everytime Simply Red came to Rio de Janeiro I was there. Yes­ter­day, the Farewell Tour show was the bet­ter for me!! Songs like “more”, “enough”, “ain’t that a lot of love” were so, SO, SO, SO GREAT! Thank you, Mick, You’re unfor­get­able…
    I’ve took A LOT OF VERY NICE pic­tures. Memor­ies for always.

  36. Thiago Ramos says:

    Simply Per­fect!
    Night unfor­get­table, unique and per­fect gift for every fan.
    Unpar­alleled energy with impec­cable present­a­tion, fant­ast­ic!
    Mick Huck­nall with his mem­or­able present­a­tion and stage pres­ence.
    Her voice is indes­crib­able!
    I wish much luck with the con­tinu­ation of the tour and his solo career.
    Thank you for being part of our lives and emo­tions with his songs over the years!
    This is def­in­itely Simply Red!

    A big hug from your fan today and always!
    With much admir­a­tion and respect!

    Thi­ago Ramos

  37. Alexandre Negri says:

    Just a one simple word to the last night gig in Rio. Fant­ast­ic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank´s Mick and band!!!!!! i enjoy every minute of the show, i lost my voice!!!!!! Simply Red kick in the ass!!!!!!!!!

    Stay Red,


  38. Flavia says:

    Simply won­der­ful last night in Rio!
    nice per­form­ance, Mick… as always!

  39. Erik says:


  40. Omar says:

    please, the air that i breathe, your eyes, jericho, in Chile..

  41. Hernán says:

    We want to listen home and open up the red box here in mex­ico