Chev­ro­let Hall, Belo Hori­zonte, Brazil

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Belo Hori­zonte – 21st April 2010

1. Out On the Range
2. Your Mir­ror
3. Mel­low My Mind
4. For Your Babies
5. Home Loan Blues
6. Enough
7. Heav­en
8. More
9. To Be With You
10. Oh! What a Girl!
11. Hold­ing Back The Years
12. Stars
13. Fake
14. Come To My Aid
15. The Right Thing
16. Sun­rise
17. Money’s Too Tight (To Men­tion)
18. Fair­ground
19. Ain’t That a Lot of Love
20. Some­thing Got Me Star­ted
21. If You Don’t Know Me By Now

32 Responses to “Chev­ro­let Hall, Belo Hori­zonte, Brazil”

  1. Abel says:

    Come to Belo Hori­zonte one more time, Mick! Thanks.

  2. Rodrigo Pires says:

    Mick and the whole band Simply Red, extremely won­der­ful!
    I’m sure that was the show of my life and my wife!
    I was amazed at the DVD of Show at the Roy­al Albert in Lon­don, and had the pleas­ure to enjoy this great live con­cert! God bless you! And hope to see you again in Belo Hori­zonte! Thanks!

  3. Andréia Farias says:

    Mick, you are my mod­el of determ­in­a­tion, strategy and over­com­ing

  4. Andréia Farias says:

    I real­ized a dream: the con­cert of Simply Red.

  5. Andréia Farias says:

    The VERY BEST SHOW ENTIRE MY LIFE. I will nev­er for​get​.BH e Rio.

  6. Marcia Santos-São Paulo-Brazil says:

    Gotta admit,first to myself,being ori­gin­ally from Rio and hav­ing bee­ing liv­ing in São Paulo for 22 years now,THAT…THAT “the audi­ence’s huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge gooood vibes and such a beau­ti­ful energy spreaded all over us” was one of the most touch­ing moments of all my 7 SIMPLY RED con­certs… The SIMPLY PERFECT VIBRANT AND BEAUTIFUL ENERGY com­ing from the AUDIENCE was ALMOST POSSIBLE TO BE “TOUCHED” by our hands…the same way it’s touched deeply our souls&hearts up there dur­ing the whole con­cert…
    I “HAD TO” take pic­tures of “THE AUDIENCE ITSELF”…And I guess, my “ALWAYS N.1 ARTIST-MICK” and each one of his RED ANGELS from the BAND could got that…
    Yes, I think ““YOU-SIMPLY RED GUYS, GOT IT”!!
    Amaz­ing moment of my life…great con­cert ‑great audi­ence “mineir­os”…
    Sorry ‑but…some Por­tuguese to my Brazili­an people from BH-MG:
    Ô gente animada,sô !! EEEEEEEE mineir­aaaada do bem…Vcs foram 50% do show!!
    (you “mineir­os” were 50% of the concert-soon,pictures of you guys,will be soon pos­ted at my “BH CONCERT” Face­book album)
    My SIMPLY PERFECT SIMPLY RED BAND,my best greet­ings from São Paulo-Brazil
    Mar­cia San­tos
    Face­book : Mar­cia San­tos
    Myspace/Blog :www​.myspace​.com/​4​7​6​9​1​5​234

  7. Lourdes Maria says:

    Con­grat­u­la­tions!! As you said, first time in Belo Horizonte!!I just hope not the last!!!!

  8. Rebeca says:

    Please include in tomor­row ‘s show in Buenos Aires

    * Come to my aid
    * Infi­del­ity
    * Red box
    * Money’s too tight to men­tion
    * You make me feel brand new!

    Many thankssssssssssssssss
    We can­not wait till tomor­row!!!

  9. Daniela Belo Horizonte says:

    Dear Mick and the whole band,
    I hope the show you had in BH has been so won­der­ful for y’all as it was for the thou­sands who watched the show. It was won­der­ful, the best show of my life!
    BH loves Simply Red!

  10. vanusa says:

    to all who are part of this won­der­ful group called Simply Red, released very beau­ti­ful thanks for the show here in BH, was the most .… an old dream com­ing true, see you soon


  11. Vilma Gonçalves says:

    Hi Mick, and Won­der­ful Simply red !!!!

    Thank you very much for Won­der­ful moments in São Paulo and Belo Hori­zonte!!!!
    Your voice is WONDERFUL !!!!
    In all my life, I nev­er sur­rendered with all my forces in a show as the one of Belo Hori­zonte, was really won­der­ful.
    Thank you and you and band will always be wellcome!!!!!
    I Love Simply Red of the fund of my heart.
    I wish you great shows and good return your house.

  12. guillermo "el mistico" says:

    Hi Mick !!
    I’m from Argen­tine and I want “SHE’S GOT IT BAD” (in your show, of course), sure, one of the most SWINGING track !!! I die for you, lads!! I’m wait­ing for Monday night !! I’m count­ing down those days !!! See you soon (I will be in the front row !!!)

  13. Erik says:

    You’ve got it , it’s only love , home, you make me feel brand new Mex­icooooooooooooo!!!!

  14. Pablo says:


    Nev­er Nev­er Love”
    “So not over you”
    “You´ve Got It”
    “Say You Love Me”

    Pablo Fan Club Pres­id­ent

  15. Ana Paula says:

    It was the per­fect farewell, my dream came true last night I could­n’t ask for more! I have a Simply Red song for every moment of my life, prob­ably because we have the same age so we grew up togeth­er!
    Thank you so much for com­ing to Belo Hori­zonte! I had the greatest time ever… I’m still over the moon!!!
    All my love

  16. Tatiana BH says:

    Mick, wonderful,unfor­get­table show! Simply Red: first time in BH, but Mick, please come back here as soon as pos­sible. We love you! Thanks for com­ing! Hugs

  17. Tatiana BH says:

    Wonderful,unfor­get­table show! Simply Red: first time in BH, but Mick, please come back here as soon as pos­sible. We love you! Thanks for com­ing! Hugs

  18. Johanita says:

    Mick Please… You Make me feel Brand new in San­ti­ago de Chile!!!!!Please Please!!!

  19. Mari says:


  20. gaston says:

    please sing “make me fell brad new” en san­ti­ago chile,

  21. Andres Velasco says:

    Mike please include “make feel brand new” song in the chili con­certs !!!!

  22. erika says:

    you make me feel brand new
    in mex­ico

  23. PatoMaya says:

    Mick please All Chile remem­bers you!!! include “It’s you, You’ve got it, say you love me, You make me feel brand new” PLEASEE CHILE WANTS LISTENING TO THEM!!!!

  24. Thank you, Simply Red. You played some of the soundtracks of my pas­sions. It was unfor­get­table! Farewell, mates.

  25. Luiz Fernando Freitas says:

    Simply fant­ast­ic, simply the best, simply amaz­ing, simply unfor­get­table, simply lovely, simply great, simply breath­tak­ing. SIMPLY RED! Love the band and hope you come back as soon as pos­sible. Hugs!

  26. Tina says:

    Simply Red, thanks for the lovely show! It was a nice farewell. Thank you!

  27. Erik says:

    Yes Mick im with her! you gotta play You’ve got it in Mex­ico!

  28. Tere says:

    All your songs are amaz­ing. But please, don’t for­get to sing “Nev­er nev­er love”, in San­ti­ago de Chile.

  29. Daniela Pirfo says:

    The show was Simply Fanthast­ic!!! I wish it would nev­er end…Please, come back to Brazil… it is too early to stop your shows; You have too much energy and love to give to your fans. We love you.…

  30. Hernán says:

    Please! Please! Sing Home And open up the red box
    Here in mex­ico
    greets from mex­ico

  31. Thelma says:

    Mick please!!! don´t for­get include It’s you, You’ve got it and You make me feel brand new in México, these are love songs pleaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeee!!!!