If You Dont Know Me By Know Book Competition

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to the 20 winners who are:

The 5 who will each receive a signed copy of the book:
Eva Hergarten, Bonn Germany
Alma Fuentes Arzubide, Mexico City, Mexico
Chris Curry, Newbury, UK
Kamron Perry, Jacksonville, USA
Tomislav Prugo, Ontario, Canada

The other 15 who will received unsigned copies:
Sebasten Petras, Wittenberge, Germany
Tracey Smith, Bury, UK
César Rivera Agüero, Talavera De La Reina, Spain
Jacqueline Catalano, London UK
Mary Farrugia, Bromley, UK
Helen Cassell, Reading, UK
Susan Ball, Bath, UK
Ellie Oxley, Berkhamsted, UK
Sabine Niemann, Kiel, Germany
Suli Chen, London, UK
Laura Forte, Perth, Australia
Jackie Fisher, Turriff, UK
Darren Jones, Witney, UK
Celia Williams, St Helen’s, UK
Paul Hooker, St Albans, UK

The correct answers were:

1. Which hospital in Manchester was Mick born in? St Mary’s

2. Which grammar school did Mick attend? Audenshaw Grammar School

3. What is the name of the punk band that Mick was in before forming Simply Red? Frantic Elevators

4. Which song did Mick write for Diana Ross? Shine

5. In the video for ‘Fake’ which lookalike does Mick pose with straight after you see Michael Jackson dancing? Joan Collins

6. What is the name of the restaurant/bar that Mick co-owns in Paris? Mandala Ray

7. Which song did Mick write for the film “Frantic” starring Harrison Ford? I’m Gonna Lose You

8. What is the name of Mick’s wine? Il Cantante

9. What song did Mick perform with Coolio on French TV programme Taratata in 1995? Gangsta’s Paradise

10. Where was the video for ‘A Song For You’ filmed? Cuba

Well done everyone who got them all correct!